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Whip Man cracking two whips & 22' Zenith.
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The Whipman supplies:-Kangaroo hide whips, Bull whips, Stock Whips, Snake Whip, Zenith Bull Whip and the Signal whip. Also training videos, crackers (poppers) and Bees wax leather dressings.

I send With whip shipments a free tub of my whip wax and 4 free poppers and with orders of more than 1 whip a free spare fall.


I collected the parcel from DHL today. The whip is amazing and I cannot express how much I appreciate your great craftsmanship and efficiency. Now I have a problem, which is the fact that this Zenith is a piece of perfect art, too beautiful to be used outdoors, too wasteful to be covered in mud. Well, honestly I am quite reluctant to use it until I got a second Zenith (Laugh).
Denton Lee

Peter Jack:

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for making such incredible whips. Your professionalism and timely manner made not only my Christmas incredible but my fiance is incredible as well. She was worried about the whips she ordered coming on time, I assured her that if you said you would make the date of Dec 24th that you would produce on time. You didn't fail; you produced on time a set of whips that surpass anything that I had imagined. How in the world you were able to understand over the phone exactly what I needed and wanted I will never know, but you produced a set of whips that astound me and amaze me.

From the first throw I was amazed at how light they where and how incredible they threw. Almost immediately I was able to produce the volleys that I had in my minds eyes. The quality of whip you produced gave me the tools to bring my whip cracking to another level. I anticipate with baited breath to watching your video to bring my ability to throw and crack whips even further. You have facilitated the opportunity for me to bring my skills to an even finer level, thank you for the incredible craftsmanship and the timely delivery.

Eric Inman

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