Official Latigo y Daga whip.

Cost is USD 220

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A word from Tom Meadows.

"I have taught the whip as a fighting weapon for over fifteen years. Peter Jack's self defense styled whips are exceptional, and his basic self defense whip is the foundation for the standard whip used by my students. The Latigo y Daga whip is a serious no-nonsense fighting whip that enables effortless manipulation. The balance allows effortless control of the forward portion of the thong, and the extra mass from the shot loading significantly increases the power delivered into the body of an opponent. A strike to the body with any portion of the thong has a significant impact, and when the whip is folded in half and gripped as a flail it has the same lethal potential as a lead loaded sap."

Tom Meadows
Founder, Latigo y Daga whip and dagger fighting system

A review from Ron Lew.

Hello Peter
Just to give some feedback on the 3 Whips received. I have several other whips and by far these I consider far easier to work with right out of the box. I had one of my beginning students try mine....He was amazed all easy it was to work with them. He was able to some movements that he was having trouble doing before. In fact, he created some cracks I have never thought of doing before...mind you, he just started with the Whip 2 months ago. I was blown away of the color combo and pattern you have created. By far, this is my favorite whip; in design and responsiveness. What you and Tom Meadows have design and created is a Superior Defense Whip: Latigo Y Daga.

Handle: Perfect in Length - my Novice Student stated that it fit like a glove. There was no hunting around for the right feel. I totally agree. It is very comfortable and the Whip feels as an extension of your hand and arm movement. My 4 ft Whip is 3/4 longer. It feels much better shorter (at your length).Whip length: 4 ft 6 inches - perfect. I have two, 4 footers. The 4ft 6 works really well. There is no lag time between hand movement and Crack of the.

Whip; perfectly synchronized Fall length: Of the 3 Whips that you send to me, one was 24-1/2(Black &
Red), 27-3/4 (Black & Red)and 28 (Black). - Working with all 3, I found that the 27-3/4 and 28 inches worked well. -The 24-1/2 had a little delay (lag) between hand movement and Whip Crack.Popper: Volley - that worked really well. I normally use Z69 Bonded Nylon. I really like the Volley in response and subsonic pops; very easy to do what I call "Baby Pops". No force involve; it just pops with gentle Whip movements.
I will try your assortment at a later date. Leather Softness: The Quality of Kangaroo leather is very superior. It is so soft. After using your special wax, in one day I had the shape I wanted. Shot Loaded: Excellent. Very responsive. It cracked and moves exactly where I want the Whip to go. There is no lag.

Bee Wax: Wow, it works great. It doesn't leave a greasy/waxy feel; in fact, I didn't have to wipe it off with a towel. I have been using Pacard Wax. I am sold on yours. Tom Meadows states that my Wife would probably like it as well....I am not telling her anything about this. Bottom Knob: I like the size; it allows me to change grip in varying grip position. Perfect Size. And I like your Trade Mark there.. Well, that's all I can think of for now. Thanks again for a great job. I know you will have some more orders from me...I had a tough time getting my new Whip back from my student. He didn't to part with it.... Ron

Many thanks.

This whip has been designed with the help of "Tom Meadows" to set a standard

whip of 4'6" in length and have a lower profile heal knob for hand passes.

It has a butt weight of 4 ounces and number 3 shot - into number 5 shot running

down into the thong. It has a double plaited belly all cut from 1-1.2 mm top

grade Kangaroo hide so it will keep it's shape for longer. It has a 7 inch handle stiffener

of alloy not steel to give the balance feel much like a sword with good balance.



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